Objectifs & Kohérance
  • From Management to leadership : the adaptative intelligence
  • Remote Management
  • Reconcile on a day to day basis expertise and management
  • Taking of Management’s position: from colleague to leader
  • Multicultural Team Management
  • Management in stores
  • Intergenerational Management

Understanding and managing diverse organization’s processes guarantee efficiency and control of all steps of processes. Indeed as production progresses, some

steps and elements change, add up or cut off from each other. Internal interactions within the production processes or with the support services become complex and cause significant variations resulting in deviation from the target, in excess cost or time, and deterioration of productivity level.

Therefore, it is key to focus on the processes contributing to the organization’s productivity in order to revisit them and modify or to explore alternative possibilities. This is the purpose of the operational approach of the processes. Process maps enables to:

  • Dedicate required equipments and skills wherever needed to reach optimal productivity.
  • Visualize the critical paths contributing to create the added value of the product.
  • Allocate human resources where necessary.

A Job suitability assessment methodology based on direct job observation.
We have developed a Job suitability assessment methodology that is:

Inconstestable evaluation criteria.

Concrete : Based on observation and direct inspection of the business

Objective: Consultants perform their job suitability assessments in all autonomy.

Reproducible and scalable After the first Job suitability assessment, the company can reproduce other assessments independently.
To reflect the company evolution, we could also ‘update’ the initial Job suitability assessment project.
We usually recommend this to be done within the next 2 to 5 years.

A Job suitability assessment is an evaluation of the required characteristics of different jobs in operational work situations.
Thanks to this system, you can rank each position compared to current classifications or build a classification to perfectly reflect your company.

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